It’s April, Tacoma, and along with the blooming flowers and allergy season, Post Defiance is turning over a new leaf, too.

For nearly four years, we have done our best to provide Tacoma with a critical review of the arts, politics, and local happenings. We have worked with over 100(!) writers; some seasoned, some publishing their first pieces with us.

Making a decision on what to cover has never been an easy one. Our editorial staff has varied from four to six to now just two.  We would love to cover it all, all of the time, but we just don’t have the production capacity to do that (someday…maybe). And if you haven’t noticed before now, we aren’t reporters. We tend to cover what interests us and our writers – the stuff that we would talk to our friends about anyways, so why not write about it.

So what’s new?

Well, to start, Post Defiance is moving towards a more thematic structure. Beginning this month, we will feature a new story each week on a certain theme.  We will still post about all of the artists, events, and issues that tickle our fancy, but our more timeless content will focus on dissecting one subject through as many lenses as possible.

This month, we explore home and housing.

How might a booming Puget Sound job market and a Seattle diaspora affect Tacoma and its housing market? What are some of our favorite Tacoma houses? What is it like to be a family without a home in Tacoma?

If you have more things to say about it, we want to hear from you.  Our submission deadline for our housing theme is April 18th. If you’ve never written for us, pop over to our contributor’s page to check out our submission process, or if you have any questions, email

Thanks for sticking with us, and giving us a reason to write.

Rachel Ervin & Katy Evans



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