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Published on June 21st, 2013 | by Katy Evans


Chuck Knigge & Queen Freddie Break the Internet

Queen Freddie

There are plenty of rabid Freddie Mercury/Queen fans out there, and Tacoma artist Chuck Knigge is one of them. His newest body of work, Queen Freddie, is one of the most hotly anticipated art openings Tacoma and Seattle has seen in a long time. (As of this posting, on Facebook alone, images and links to the show have been shared and liked nearly 5,000 times.)

This epic new collection is a playful homage to the rock icon Freddie Mercury, but there’s a lot more than mash-ups happening in Knigge’s pieces. In this series of the Queen as queens,  Knigge manages to transcend pop art whimsy and craft a truly inspired and inventive tribute not only to Freddie, but to regal legends throughout culture and history.

Its a bold and exciting next step for this emerging Tacoma artist; you must go see Queen Freddie.

In Seattle: Queen Freddie opens June 28 at Saint John’s Bar and Eatery

In Tacoma: Queen Freddie opens July 12 at Fulcrum Gallery

Expect a full review on Post Defiance after the show opens in June.

Yes, that is Freddie Mercury as Queen Latifah.

Yes, that is Freddie Mercury as Queen Latifah. Art by Chuck Knigge

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