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Falling for Swoon Records and Trevor Dickson

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If you’re in Tacoma and looking for a summer soundtrack of rock music made locally, humanely, and free of harmful or intimidatingly exclusive additives, you will be thrilled to hear about Swoon Records.

To that thrill, add the delight of learning that Trevor Dickson, a Swoon artist, will be releasing a record on Friday (June 21).

Swoon is the result of a very sensible collaboration of like-minded musicians and their studio god (and label owner), Jeff Southard, bolstered by an impressive media team including Sean Alexander, Adam McKinney, and Abby Hooyer.

The musicians that call Swoon home are not unfamiliar in Tacoma. The label has been a magnet for members of influential Tacoma stalwarts such as The Wheelies and The Nightgowns,  but is not exclusively local.

The music produced by the label is united by a distinctly “indie rock” sensibility and warm approachability, whether it be the acetate throb of People Under the Sun, the Pretenders-meets-Pavement jangle of Santee, the lilting sophistication of Tangerine, or the shambling intensity of Patrick Doherty.

Trevor Dickson’s (also of The Nightgowns) new EP Summer Legs is a more-than-worthy addition to an already remarkable pedigree.

Dickson’s voice is refreshingly unique, with an effortless range and a flirtatious crooning quality that fits his carefree but literate writing style. The songs recall classic dreamy pop like The Mamas and The Papas, but with gauzy layers of discord, compelling percussion, wandering keyboard lines, and deep, sighing piano chords. Summer Legs is neither heavy nor flimsy, and is very catchy – a cohesive work that displays both poise and humor. The closing track, “Oh My One,” is especially irresistible. I found myself trying to sing along to the final lines, not quite ready for the end of the record.

You can (and should) purchase Summer Legs in its entirety from the Swoon online store here

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Founder of Post Defiance, Dan is a father, surveyor, writer, and runner.

5 Responses to Falling for Swoon Records and Trevor Dickson

  1. Rebekah says:

    Dear Dan,

    This is a great article about great music.


    Dan, I think you have it in you to become a taste maker.

    I love reading your posts, but they are few and far between. Since April, this is your second post.

    Do you even like music? Or are you one of those that just likes indie rock. Which is fine, if that’s all you like, then the Post Defiance needs a few more writers than yourself, because it’s not cutting it for the readers.

    A few months ago, in April, you made a fuss about music and the scene, but it seems like you did nothing about it. Like you retreated into a hole, and pulled the hoodie over your head and said, “fuck you Tacoma!”

    Where’s the guy that said,

    “There’s a yowling, contaminated, rust-bucket of a voice waiting to be dug out from Tacoma’s hills. I can feel it, I think.
    Maybe that voice will sing the blues, a concerto, a rap, a jazz number, or a rock tune.”

    I thought you were going to go searching for that voice.

    I thought you were going to look under the most unlikely sources for that sound and share it with your readers.

    I thought you might even write anectdotes about your journey.

    I thought you would write about the good and not so great.

    Instead, we get two articles and mostly silence.

    Have you given up? Have you become a sheep amongst the masses, allowing the usual suspects to spoon feed you their own agenda?

    This is my hope: that you’ll become the guy that will lead the charge into the underbelly of Tacoma and find that voice.

    The question is: will you?

    • Dan Rahe says:

      Hi Rebekah,

      I have genuinely appreciated and enjoyed your input. Honestly there are few things that make me happier than being criticized in thorough and thoughtful fashion. I’ll confess to having a blatant preference for the long train of heady indie rock i’ve been following since the days of My Bloody Valentine, Pavement, Pixies, Fugazi, and Uncle Tupelo. But I have tried to keep that out of my writing as much as possible.

      But I am concerned that that perhaps you’re missing out on some content. I was the first writer to write a review of the new album by Tacoma rappers ILLFIGHTYOU, a record which has since been proclaimed by City Arts to perhaps be the best Seattle-area rap record of the year (I couldn’t agree more – it’s brilliant). Also, I have written quite a bit. Here’s a link Furthermore, I’m not the only Post Defiance writer! In fact, I’m the least popular of our writers! Have you been to our front page? We post every other day or so.

      As a final thought… None of us are journalists (with the exception of staff writer Grace Heerman). We’re all volunteer art enthusiasts who enjoy critiquing and editing each other to produce the best publication for Tacoma we can. You seem to have a way with words. Interested in contributing an article sometime?

      • Rebekah says:


        Yes, I have read many of your articles. All of them are well written, but the ones that I get really excited about are the music stories. I know you’re not the only writer, but there’s something about the way you communicate that I’m drawn to when I read, and so I go to your posts, instead of some of the others.

        I personally think there’s nothing wrong with waxing rhapsodic over your favorite genre of music, it let’s the reader know what you really dig and when you find a gem in that category, if they are into indie rock, they are really going to take notice because it’s something awesome.

        I thought the one about ILLFIGHTYOU was good, (letting us readers know about a)very good rap group in the area and well thought out review of their music, and their music is exciting. Also, the two historical music pieces were great, Bruce Springsteen/aroma of Tacoma and the one highlighting the Sonics, also the two pieces on Grace Sullivan/Apartment Lights, the more in depth and the one highlighting her upcoming performance (2012), all good, well thought out pieces.

        I suppose I’m a little disappointed that there hasn’t been more activity with the music section of Post Defiance. Especially when there’s stuff happening every weekend, I guess I got hopeful that you’d write about more bands and I would see some of my favorites talked about, amongst new bands that I haven’t heard of, but are performing, but not recorded yet, as well as old reliables, etc. Then again, I also became painfully aware of how few staff you have for the Post Defiance.

        My annoyance at my greedy little need to read about music, turned into a slight sadness that there aren’t more people involved in a online webzine like this one.

        And yes, the thought did cross my mind.

        • Dan Rahe says:

          All of us are very passionate about music and would really like to write more about it. We try to keep a balanced volume in as many categories as we can, and it’s a bit tricky. It would be great to talk to you about writing some music articles for us, if you’re interested! Email me at editor@postdefiance and let me know!

  2. A-Hyp says:

    Dan is the man! And you Rebekah, should consider writing for Post Defiance!

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