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Feature your art or art event on the Post Defiance site background

Post Defiance loves Tacoma art and its galleries and has been looking for the right way to feature it on the site for a while now. We think this concept might just work.

In 2015 we are debuting the Tacoma artist/gallery series on our Site Background. Your art, or the art featured in a local gallery show, would be the featured background of Post Defiance. This placement is the largest and most visible option comprising static background sidebars on every page of the site. This placement works best when viewed on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Although visible on our mobile view, it is not as prominent on a phone as the “home page banner.”

This opportunity is complimentary; you will not be charged any fee to apply or to be featured on the site.

Art File & Site Inclusion Proposal Requirements:

Featured imagery cannot contain any directional words – it may include wording that is part of the art, and/or the name of the artist/gallery, but may not contain specific dates or contact information. All additional information will be available in the “featured art” page.

Submissions are accepted year-round but please take into account that the calendar will be filled out as applications are accepted. Submission by the first or second quarter of the year will give you better opportunity for site inclusion. Artwork submitted will be curated by the Post Defiance; submission of a proposal does not guarantee placement.

Please include the following information in the message body of an email, attach the artwork and additional images to the email, and send to

1. BIO: Include a short 50-200 word biography of you/your gallery/the exhibition; include all relevant contact information, URL,  hours, etc.
2. 3-5 ADDITIONAL IMAGES representative of your work
3. TIMELINE: share your preferred week/month that you would like to be featured on the site. You may reserve the art space for 1-4 weeks.
ARTWORK ATTACHMENT:  2 panels at 1920×1080 pixels each (1 left side, 1 right side) in one image file; the space in between the imagery should be approximately 960 pixels (that’s the size of the blog content container so any imagery in the middle will not be visible; you may also just repeat the 2 panel imagery throughout the whole image, just know it won’t be visible).PNG, JPG, or GIF file. RGB color format, 72-96 dpi.

Image must be smaller than 10 MB. Your image must fit the size suggested and you should take into account the top, bottom, and sides can cut off some of the imagery.

For example, we have featured a vintage Tacoma postcard on our background and the image is formatted like so. We are admittedly not graphic design experts so if you happen to know of a better way to format site backgrounds, please let us know!

Post Def background tigers

Post Defiance site background example; on many desktops/laptops, only the outer 2 tigers on each side are visible.


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