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Help a Seriously Injured, Uninsured Local Musician

On May 23, 2012 Local musician and much beloved friend and citizen Luke Stevens suffered severe injuries due to an on-the-job fall. The accident resulted in five serious fractures to his spine, the most threatening located at C-6: the cervical spine/neck.

The harsh reality is that he and his family will need some financial assistance in the coming month to pay rent, bills, and medical expenses. Luke is uninsured, as he runs his own small business and has only been able to afford insurance for his young daughter.

Please consider supporting Luke and his family through the Amigo/Amiga Records donation page.

You can find updates on Luke’s condition through the band Goldfinch’s facebook page.

Read more details about Luke and the accident at Tacoma KOMO.

Luke with his daughter, his wife, and performing at the Doe Bay Festival

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  1. RR Anderson says:

    somebody told me that if you’re ever seriously injured, go to St. Jose because they believe in god and wont send you to collections immediately like MultiCare.

  2. Justin Camarata says:

    The PayPal link doesn’t work, so you can also just PayPal funds directly to

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