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Hilltop’s Le Donut C’est Magnifique!

Le Donut on 1317 So 11th St

Le Donut on 1317 So 11th St

There’s a strangely painted, but quaint little spot in Hilltop, right next to the neighborhood Safeway, where you can get the city’s most amazing doughnuts.

I love a good doughnut/donut. I do occasionally enjoy the safety of a cranberry lemon scone but if you’re going to do a sweet treat right, you might as well cannonball straight into the calorie pool.  Don’t mess around with low fat, gluten free or even half the sugar. Go balls out and have a deep fried hunk of white flour dipped in dripping sugar sauce or filled with a gorgeous white, creamy fluff, and make sure to do that at Tacoma’s Le Donut.

When we first moved to Hilltop we stopped in because of the name alone.  It’s a donut shop with a “French-ish” name, staffed by a Cambodian couple on Hilltop’s business district, S. 11th st. Recently they repainted the building and moved out some of the non-selling items like 35mm Kodak film (remember film?) and faded greeting cards and made way for a few more tables and chairs.

a case of Le Donuts

a case of Le Donuts

When we came in the shop three years ago, my eyes got wide. These days I’m used to walking into a bakery and seeing a case full of items that look like they were all purchased at Costco. But here, the maple and bacon bars are as long as a breastfed baby’s forearm and the creme-filled donuts are the size of a small, hearty grapefruit. The classic cake donut is crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. Not dry and crumbly and tasting like it’s been sitting in a closet for two weeks.

Le Donut cake doughnut

Le Donut cake doughnut

Why waste your time with a humdrum almond scone or a cookie-cutter raised-glazed that tastes like a boxed Entenmann’s? Bite into THESE raised-glazed or even try the one topped with Fruit Loops if that’s what blows your hair back.

The prices at Le Donut are perfect. No dropping three clams for a single cakey: there’s a lot for under a dollar. Just remember, you’ll need to make it a morning or early afternoon gig because they sell out by around 3pm.

Seriously, if you own a cafe you really should case these bad boys in your shop. I’m tired of my options being a flat croissant or a vegan bar of some sort.

So, do come into Le Donut and try your hand at these classic treats. Sit and have a coffee, fill up the tables. Then walk it all off as you head downtown or to your favorite park. You won’t be disappointed. But you may want to split the apple fritter with someone you love. It’s the size of a calf’s liver. Bon appétit!


A young customer enjoys a le donut.

A young customer enjoys a le donut.

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5 Responses to Hilltop’s Le Donut C’est Magnifique!

  1. Andi says:

    Le Donut is so good. They have bacon maple bars to die for.

  2. Ms. E says:

    Their raised glazed is to die for – it’s like biting into a cloud of melted sugar! The donut holes are also fantastic – perfect for eating on the way to wherever you’re going to deliver the dozen donuts to. And they’re cheap!

  3. Guy says:

    It’s pronounced “Lee” Donut… like the common Asian surname. Quit trying to make everything fancy.

  4. Emily says:

    Best apple fritters in the whole world. seriously. no joke.

  5. Tamara Hutchinson says:

    This is the best place to get fresh doughnuts.
    My kids love the doughnut holes,and my favorite is the lemon filled. If you have not been here,come check it out!

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