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Jeff Bridges is the best and also good at music. See for yourself November 21

Perhaps Jeff Bridges and the Abiders at the Pantages on November 21 won’t be exactly like the jubilant, drunken roller rink fiddle party from the 1981 film Heaven’s Gate (in which Jeff Bridges’ stars) but I also don’t think it will be that different.

From everything I’ve discovered in my exhaustive character study of Jeff Bridges (constructed entirely of film and youtube-clip consumption), he seems like the best person in the world to hang out with at pretty much any time in any setting.

Obviously he’s an awesome guy to work on a film with, and he has proven himself to also be a pretty great person to play music with too. Just ask Elvis Costello.

An artist of overflowing talent, passion, and joy, Jeff Bridges seems to live life with a kind of humble assurance that only lets him love people, music, and art more with every passing year. I’m sure he’s just exactly that way, right? I mean, who cares if he is or not, he’s shown us through his life’s work that he’s here to contribute, collaborate, and celebrate in his acting and in his music.

Music has always been a part of Jeff Bridges’ life (according to wikipedia) but he hasn’t been too public about it until the last fifteen years or so.

He learned to play the piano at an early age and has played the guitar for decades, jamming with Kris Kristofferson and others while filming Heaven’s Gate. It wasn’t until 2000 when he released his debut album and then in 2009 when he performed in the film Crazy Heart, that the rest of us began to realize that Jeff Bridges was a true musician.

Jeff Bridges & The Abiders by Mario Anzuoni Reuters

The Abiders play Lebowski Fest; photograph by Mario Anzuoni

So what’s the music of Jeff Bridges like? It’s delightful. The Abiders are a bluesy/folky/country band who play original tunes and perform with a penchant for jamming and acknowledging the roots of the music they love. And Jeff Bridges is a darn good guitar player.

I think you should go to the show on Friday. (And you should also probably pre-func with/sneak in some white russians. Just a suggestion.) Tacoma abides on November 21.

Jeff Bridges & The Abiders
Friday, November 21, 2014

7:30 pm
Buy tickets HERE.

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