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Lighting up downtown: Music Crawl & Smart People

Friday May 2 marked a much-anticipated confluence of events in Tacoma’s downtown: along Pacific Avenue three businesses hosted the all-ages Downtown Music Crawl, and around the corner DJ Mr. Melanin* debuted his new dance night, Smart People.

These events, combined with a quick stop into Wingman Brewers, made for the perfect weekend kick-off and a promise of more fun to come.

The Downtown Music Crawl

Downtown retailers UrbanXChange and Bleach along with coffee shop Anthem hosted three indie bands. The BGP kicked it off at Anthem. Next The Owl Parliament took the stage at Bleach, and Barcelona closed out the event at UrbanXChange.

Says Nicholas Casanova of UrbanXChange:

“In early March I was just at the store brainstorming ways to get people to come downtown; not only to come here, but to hang out for hours. When I lived in Ballard I would go to the King’s Hardware Movie Night. Every Sunday the bar would project a movie on their deck and tons of people would show up. I remember people talking about it before summer even started! I wanted to create that same feeling of a neighborhood coming together, a buzz building,  and everyone talking about “The Crawl” coming up. So in a nutshell, that’s how it happened; just a bunch of people in the neighborhood wanting to listen to come good music and support the little guys on the block.

“I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to cover the costs, but by the end of The BGP’s set, which was the first, we were good.  I had to run and get more wristbands because Anthem had a line out the door and ran out!  I was hoping to get at least 100 people, but wasn’t too sure if we could since it was  the first one.  By the end of the night, almost 200 people had join The Crawl.

“I couldn’t be happier;  at the end of the night when everybody was heading out and Barcelona was packing up, a family came back in with their kids and asked Barcelona for autographs and pictures.  It was a great way to wrap up the night. Bentson Printing, Luke Bentson Reality, Abella’s Pizza, Do The Extraordinary, the Washington State History Museum, Bleach, and Anthem Coffee all helped this event happen.”

Full disclosure – our intrepid writer and photographer were in need of nachos so were unable to capture the magic of The BGP and The Owl Parliament. But that’s what social media’s for, right? Scroll down to see all the photos.


Pit stop at Wingman Brewers

It warms our hearts to see quality businesses making homes in neighborhoods like the Dome District, enticing people to explore areas they normally wouldn’t. Wingman Brewers was bustling with satiated imbibers, taking a moment on their Friday evening to enjoy a delicious, Tacoma-made beer.

Wingman 1

Smart People

(Happy birthday, Eddie!)

Eddie Sumlin, aka Mr. Melanin* launched his new monthly DJ night, Smart People, at the New Frontier to much enthusiasm. The crowd was amped and ready to move, the DJs worked through well-built and irresistible playlists, and by the end, hundreds of sweaty Tacomans went home happy and tired. Mr. Melanin* was joined by DJs theMAYOR of the Breaklites and DJ SlimRock from Olympia.

Smart People is hosted by Neon Dion of the Gallery of Ambition with support from Alex Fazekas-Boone of PolyRevKendra Moen, and Tacoma Apparel Co.

Says Mr. Melanin*:

“The name Smart People is kind of tongue-in-cheekish because we think going to EDM/Vegas-themed nightclubs in Tacoma is kinda lame. Smart People is a movement of forward-thinking party-goers. We aim to have an extremely diverse crowd and music selection with every single party. It was the first night all of us had come together for this party, and we think it turned out beautifully. We all clicked really well.”

Join the party next month when Smart People returns on June 6.


And the evening, in chronological order

Photo by @urbanxchangetacoma on Instagram

Photo by @urbanxchangetacoma on Instagram


Bleach Owl Parliament

Photo from @bleachtacoma on Instagram

bleach 1

Bleach Owl Parliament 2

Photo from @bleachtacoma on Instagram


MusicCrawl_SmartPeople029Barcelona at UXC 1MusicCrawl_SmartPeople013Smart People CasablancaMusicCrawl_SmartPeople040uxc 2MusicCrawl_SmartPeople028

uxc 1MusicCrawl_SmartPeople052MusicCrawl_SmartPeople038uxc 3

MusicCrawl_SmartPeople055 MusicCrawl_SmartPeople058 MusicCrawl_SmartPeople067Smart People 3MusicCrawl_SmartPeople088 Smart People 2MusicCrawl_SmartPeople083 MusicCrawl_SmartPeople089MusicCrawl_SmartPeople094MusicCrawl_SmartPeople117MusicCrawl_SmartPeople112 MusicCrawl_SmartPeople115


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