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Make summer (fall, winter, and spring) complete at Ice Cream Social

This summer’s record breaking heat has brought along with it depressing information about the temperature of the planet, and what that means for humanity. But lucky for us in Tacoma, we can escape the sweat, sunburns, and impending ecological collapse at a new ice cream shop on Sixth Ave.

IceCreamSocial_026Tacoman Layla Isaac opened her new shop, Ice Cream Social, in early July in a space neighboring the Red Hot Tacoma.

Isaac operates the shop, not only with a passion for good ice cream, but also for sustainability and social responsibility.

Her ice cream is not composed of flavor compound (unappetizing, concentrated artificial flavors and chemicals commonly found in such fare) but of real ingredients often purchased from local farmers and companies. The all natural ice cream is served with cups and spoons made of compostable materials.

“All of those things are very important to me,” said Isaac.

Ice Cream Social is a delightful addition to Sixth Avenue’s culinary offerings and a rare business that’s not exclusively for the 21 and over crowd. The move into a brick and mortar space has come after years in Tacoma’s farmer’s markets. Ice Cream Social started at the market on Sixth Ave and expanded to serve at several others over the next two years. Isaac used this time to experiment with ice cream recipes, and perfect her technique.

ICS triptych

Isaac is a self-taught cook, who started to learn 15 years ago when she became a stay at home mom and wanted to expand her culinary skills beyond boxed mac and cheese.

“I decided as my family was growing that I wanted to cook healthy food for them,” she said. Isaac found she also liked baking, and hosting parties that brought people together over food.

“I loved making food that people enjoyed, that made people happy,” she said.

Isaac soon found herself making wedding cakes for friends, and, when the family moved to Tacoma in 2008, baking for Hello Cupcake. But it was difficult being a working mom of six, so Isaac started looking for a way of making her own schedule while still doing what she loved; she decided to try and start her own business.

“I started looking for something we didn’t have in Tacoma,” she said.

Since ice cream is one of her favorite desserts, and since we don’t have many shops in the area, Isaac started learning to make ice cream.

“I love the idea of the ice cream shop.” said Isaac, “That social aspect of coming after a baseball game, or Sunday after church, or on a date, and getting good ice cream.”
Thus came about the name of the store.


The word “social” also brings up positive associations for Isaac in other ways, its not just about building relationships and interacting in your community, but doing so in a socially responsible manner. This is why Isaac works hard to operate that way.

“Its really important to buy local, be sustainable,” she said.

Isaac runs the shop, working along with her daughter Sayge Isaac who makes most of the ice cream. They try to come up with flavors that people request, or that they enjoy.

The menu offers the usuals like chocolate or cookies and cream, but also some less common flavors such as lavender and popcorn. Many of the combinations and flavors are based on food Isaac enjoys in combination such as a recently very popular flavor: chocolate peanut butter banana.


The shop won this year’s Art on the Ave Grub Crawl competition with a flavor inspired by Isaac’s favorite movie time snack: popcorn and chocolate. Isaac combined a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream with a scoop of popcorn flavor, then drizzled it with caramel sauce and a sprinkling of popcorn.

Isaac is also working on developing a cone recipe, and also hopes to expand into hot desserts like pies and tarts that can be served with ice cream during colder months. Summer inevitably comes to a close, but I, for one, can’t wait to indulge at Ice Cream Social year round.

Icre Cream Social servers triptych

Ice Cream Social Scoop Shop

2914 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA  – map

Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday & Saturday 11am-11pm

All photographs by Post Defiance Creative Director Kali Raisl.

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