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No longer sliding sideways, Year Round Co. looks to the future

This spring, Jacqui and Scott Scoggin, two of Tacoma’s favorite designers and makers debuted a new identity. The era of their original moniker, Slide Sideways, has passed and now it’s time to fall in love with their new brand: Year Round Co. I checked in with Jacqui and Scott to learn what this change means for them.

When the Scoggins first developed their company brand, it was instinctive: Slide Sideways was a nod to their love of surfing which, in the early 2000s was a big part of their lives. For them, the term also distinguished their work, that it didn’t go the same direction as everything or everyone else. But since then, the pair has grown up a little.


As Jacqui and Scott explained, “Year Round Co. was much more planned and thought out. We’re excited about where it is now and we are even more excited to grow with it. It seemed we made changes every year to Slide Sideways’ branding. We feel Year Round Co. is solid and generally won’t change much over time.”

With this evolution, Year Round Co. will focus on their popular line of screen printed bags featuring their exclusive patterns.

“We always liked the idea of having a simple, well crafted product to act like a blank canvas on which we apply our patterns,” Jacqui said. But don’t assume the spirit of innovation at Year Round Co. will stall. “We are constantly thinking up new products that fit within our aesthetic,” Jacqui assured me, “And we definitely have a few things up our sleeves for the not too distant future.”


So far, Year Round Co. sales have occurred primarily online; the Scoggins expect this to change this fall and winter when they travel, making the circuit of handmade and trade shows along the west coast. In the past


they’ve ventured to Chicago and points farther east. “The shows give us a chance to connect with our customers,” the Scoggins said. “We look forward to traveling for the shows and getting the opportunity to get together
with other makers is always a good time.”

“We’ve had customers and graphic design clients from all over the globe,” shared Jacqui, “Some coming from as close as down the street, who we love – others as far as Japan and Australia.”

Clearly, it’s not just Tacomans who have come to love their work, but the Northwest and their hometown plays a huge role in Year Round Co.’s brand and product inspiration: “We’re both originally from the area and spend most of our free time in the outdoors, hiking, biking, and surfing.” Jacqui explained. “We have weekly business meetings while walking in local parks. It’s nice having these spots so close within the city, we get a lot of inspiration just from that. Tacoma has also been super supportive of the creative community, which has been beneficial for our growth.”

I am already a devotee of the Scoggins vision and can’t wait to get my hands on my first Year Round Co. bag. But I wanted to know what their favorite Year Round Co. products are:

“I love our new shoulder bags, and the one I am currently carrying is the Wind Waves in black,” Jacqui revealed. “It has a zippered top and shoulder strap so I can sling it over for a quick bike ride or stroll hands free. I’m


looking forward to switching to the Ashford Tote in sage for summer though, it’ll be perfect for the beach and city walks! Scott loves all our patterns on the new black fabric we just introduced, especially the Flotsam pattern.”

Year Round Co.’s progression, success, growth, and positive change only mean more and better things for the fabric of creative small businesses in Tacoma.

Photographs: Scott Haydon, model: Grace Sullivan


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