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Our evening with Josiah Johnson and Spirits of the Red City

On August 6th, Post Defiance was lucky enough to host a concert at the home of always-gracious Raisl family. Nearly 100 readers and friends showed up to hear Josiah Johnson (of The Head and the Heart) and Spirits of the Red City.

We were overwhelmed with the size of the audience and the amazing music. Josiah Johnson played an especially impressive solo set, made all the more amazing by the brutal schedule he had to overcome just to be there (he had just played the Jimmy Fallon show the night before). He even played a brand new song — a hushed, fragile tune well-complemented by the day’s last light — and his famous rendition of Elliot Smith’s “Between the Bars.” (video below)

Spirits of the Red City took the stage and delivered a flawless performance of their latest record, “Jula.” They make poignant, rich, mysterious music, and gathered a lot of new fans that night. We caught the neighbors watching from their windows every now and then.

Thanks to Kali Raisl, we have a ton of great photographs of the event. We hope everyone enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

Thank you readers. Thank you Raisls. Thank you Josiah. Thank you Spirits. Let’s do this again soon.



The crowd gathered in the Raisl’s backyard for Josiah Johnson and Spirits of the Red City (foreground includes PD editor Patricia Sully overseeing ticket sales and vocalist Alyssa Overby of Spirits of the Red City)


Spirits of the Red City (photograph by Kali Raisl)


Josiah Johnson of The Head and the Heart (photography by Kali Raisl)


Spirits of the Red City (Dorota Szuta, Will Garrison, Alyssa Overby, Blake Stepan)


Alyssa Overby (Spirits of the Red City) photobombing Josiah Johnson (The Head and the Heart), Danah Olivetree (Spirits of the Red City) and fans… Cool hat.



fans pose with Josiah and Danah after the show…

Josiah Johnson of the Head and the Heart covers Elliott Smith’s “Between the Bars” at a Post Defiance backyard show. from Post Defiance on Vimeo.

Spirits of the Red City – Lie to Me from Post Defiance on Vimeo.

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