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SHUT IT: A silent reading party with Post Defiance (Silent Happy Uninterrupted Time for Intoxicating Texts)

Post Defiance hosts monthly silent reading parties in select locations around Tacoma October – May. Join us when we kick it off again on October 5, 2015!

On July 7, 2014, Post Defiance launched its new once-monthly event: SHUT IT, a silent reading party in the Hotel Murano’s lobby lounge. Now you can join other literarily-inclined locals and visitors, settle in, and enjoy a good book and a drink.

As of March 2, 2015 we can be found at a new location for our reading pleasure. We love partnering with the Hotel Murano and are now partnering with Treos Coffee in Old Town: 2312 N 30th Street. Join us this spring on the first Monday of every month for SHUT IT at Treos!

Perhaps you have heard mention of the Seattle Silent Reading Parties hosted by the Stranger at the Sorrento Hotel’s Fireside Room. This monthly event is free, inviting local readers to come together, sit quietly, and read.

Said Christopher Frizzelle (Silent Reading Party inventor and editor-in-chief at the Stranger) of the experience:

“The insane thing about a party where you’re not supposed to make small talk is that it makes you want to make small talk. You almost can’t not do it. (But what a relief to not have to!) If you go with friends, someone will quietly explode over what they’re reading and you will want to know what it is, or they will interrupt your reading and hand you their book and say, “Just read this—just this paragraph.” At the last reading party, a man and a woman were sitting in leather wingback chairs in front of the fireplace, and he was reading Joseph Campbell and she was, well, listening to him whisper to her about Joseph Campbell.”

We, like some others around the country, just decided to copy them. And also to make a really long acronym to describe the activity.

Please join us in the Old Town Treos, bring some texts, and enjoy the quiet company of both a good book and fellow quiet readers. Come on down and read. And enjoy snacks, coffee, beer and wine!

The details:

The Post Defiance SHUT IT 

The first Monday of every month, 6 – 8 pm

Old Town Treos

2312 N 30th Street

Sit quietly, read, enjoy food and drink.


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6 Responses to SHUT IT: A silent reading party with Post Defiance (Silent Happy Uninterrupted Time for Intoxicating Texts)

  1. Stephanie says:

    Cool. I was just looking into starting something like the silent reading party here in Tacoma. You saved me a lot of work! Many thanks!

  2. Suzanne Akerman says:

    Will the event be happening on October 5th at Treos?

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