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Post Defiance is always accepting new perspectives.

We regularly feature content like profiles of locals, arts reviews, trend analysis, food and drink reviews, introspective musings, recommendations, news, interviews, photo essays, creative nonfiction, poetry, music reviews, and more—all Tacoma specific.

Typically we publish between 15-30 stories a month.

The editors and creative directors at Post Defiance look forward to working with both established and emerging artists. We work to help you grow to be the strongest contributor you can be, regardless of experience.

If you are interested see the opportunities and guidelines below and contact us at

 - Writer Submission Guidelines - 

There are two ways to contribute to Post Defiance as a writer (art, photography, and poetry and fiction guidelines follow): as a Community Contributor or Intern.

 - Community Contributors are adults of any age, from any walk of life. Qualifications:

  • Proven skill and passion in writing
  • Interest and investment in Tacoma and its community
  • Proficiency in Google applications
  • Accessible and reliably responsive via email (check and respond daily)

 - Intern: this opportunity is competitive with a strong emphasis on quality and creativity. Hours and schedule for the internship are negotiated to best meet the needs of Post Defiance and to provide the intern with a challenging and enriching experience. Qualifications:

  • Passion for writing, the arts, community, media, communication, and expression
  • Ability to communicate clearly and creatively in writing
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft and Google software applications
  • Accessible and reliably responsive via email (check and respond daily)
  • Currently enrolled at in a local university or community college with coursework in a related field

 - Application procedures/Pitching process for Community Contributor or Intern:

1. Submit a 300 – 1,000 word creative, journalistic, academic, or narrative writing sample; if you are pitching a story, share it with us as the writing sample.

2. Submit a 20-40 word biography and for internship only: three references (at least 1 being academically related).

3. Submit answers to these questions:

  • How do you see the role of creativity in your life? (250 word maximum response
  • Why do you want to contribute to Post Defiance? (200 word maximum response)
  • Which sections would you like to write for? Choose as many as you would like:
  • For internship only: What are your expectations for this internship? (200 word maximum response)

Email application to

Deadline is rolling: last work day of every month

 - Artwork or Photography Submission Guidelines - 

Send to:

  1. A link to your online portfolio
  2. A short artist statement
  3. A list of the kinds of visual work you are interested in contributing
  4. A list of five favorite locations/art installations in Tacoma

- Poetry and Fiction Submission Guidelines - 

In addition to our regular content, Post Defiance accepts submissions of poetry and fiction for periodic publication.

Submissions are limited to five poems or one piece of fiction of no more than 5,000 words. Submit your work via email as a Microsoft Word attachment or link to a Google Doc. Please include all contact information in the body of the email. Poems should be submitted in a single file, with poems separated by titles and page breaks. Do not paste the submission into the subject field or body of the email.

Send your submission to

We accept submissions year round, and ask that you do not make multiple submissions: please wait for a response to your submission before sending new work.

We do not currently pay for publication.

One Response to Share your art, your words

  1. Author Image adam martin says:

    hey – you guys like to cover this?

    TNT is dropping us in their GO Section Friday, thought you might like to beat them to the punch.

    Wish you guys prosper – i’ve got pics, etc., have very much news not covered by others, and will have more tonight when I go to Olympia.

    I’m best reached by phone: 206.409.7700

    Thank you,
    wish you’re awesome,

    Lumins Festivus

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