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Tacoma gets crafty just in time for the holidays at the Artist Craft Fair

If you don’t know by now (and you really should): November is Art at Work month in Tacoma.

Local organizations, stores, studios, and more have been celebrating Art at Work by offering a variety of creative events and activities for the public to enjoy.

However, if you’re anything like me, art is something you can appreciate and admire, but is not necessarily a creative talent you possess; I think my artist days ended in the 7th grade.

Visiting an exhibition at a gallery? Great. Sketching a model at a studio? Not so much.

So what’s someone with a love for crafty knick-knacks, but the artistic talent of an unskilled 12 year-old to do? Go to the Artist Craft Fair.

Presented by Tacoma is for Lovers, a community-based organization that promotes the visibility of local artists, and hosted by King’s Books, the Artist Craft Fair will take place over the weekend of November 23 and 24. This will be Tacoma is for Lover’s sixth annual holiday season fair.

La La Laurie Ornaments

Festive decorations made locally by artist Laurie Cinotto – and available at the Artist Craft Fair.

While the fair is a little different every year, artist Jennifer Adams, who organizes the event, did reveal that soaps, prints, and jewelry are a few of the items that will be available this weekend. Seasonal items will also be for sale, courtesy of fair vendor Laurie Cinotto.

Cinotto, whose numerous blogs include The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, is a self-proclaimed “crafter and a cat nerd,” which is reflected in the holiday décor she’ll be selling at the fair.

Cinotto shared, “I’ve been making tiny ornaments with gilded and glittered kittens climbing miniature Christmas trees. They’re tiny – the trees are only about an inch high.  I’ve also got some woodland-themed ornaments featuring critters nestled in bare trees in winter scenes. They are made of paper and twigs and are a mix of natural elements and a little holiday sparkle.”

Cinotto, like Adams, has been involved in the Tacoma is for Lover’s craft fair since the beginning, and always looks forward to returning each year to see fellow vendors and customers.


Shoppers peruse Jennifer Adams’ wares at the Artist Craft Fair in 2012. Photo by Scott Haydon

When I asked Adams to give one reason both regular and new craft shoppers should go to the fair she replied, “I can’t just give one reason. There are so many.” So Adams compiled her top five:

1) You can get the majority, if not all, of your holiday shopping done. There really is something for everybody.

2) You will be supporting many, many local businesses and local artists.

3) It is inside the best bookstore in all of Tacoma. And you can find a great book or five while also shopping the craft fair.

4) It shows you care about Tacoma and want it to thrive.

5) It is so much fun!

As the event organizer, Adams knows firsthand that shoppers will enjoy the fair. “Believe me when I say this, “ she said, “I continue organizing this because it is so much fun. I love it. I love the vendors. I love the shoppers. I love the wares.”

As a shopper, I go crazy for the holidays and start planning gifts for family and friends as soon as fall hits. So I get really excited just thinking of all the unique, handmade gifts I can score at the Artist Craft Fair, without lifting so much as a paintbrush, needle and thread or glue gun myself.


Shoppers visit the Slide Sideways table at the 2012 Artist Craft Fair. Photo by Scott Haydon

My over-enthusiasm for the holiday season, need for a Thanksgiving hostess gift, and my aforementioned lack of creative craft skills means I will definitely be at the Artist Craft Fair. Will you?

The Artist Craft Fair is open from 11 am to 4 pm Saturday, November 23 and Sunday, November 24 at King’s Books, located at 218 St. Helens.

Credit/debit cards are accepted by most vendors, but not all, so remember to bring some cash. Shoppers pay each vendor for their merchandise.

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Alexandra is a Tacoma writer by way of England. A University of Puget Sound graduate, she currently works as the Digital Media Coordinator at the Museum of Glass.

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  2. I left empty handed! It was crazy! I had no idea going since I heard about the sale only the day before, so by the time I got there at noon, everything was gone! Hopefully, they will hear the cry for more! 🙂

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