Published on February 5th, 2013 | by Michael Sullivan


The Buried Ancient Glyph on Tacoma’s Shoreline

No one alive today has looked into the stone carved face of Tacoma’s most storied connection to the ancient “people who came before”.

Here’s what Herbert Hunt wrote in 1916…

“Prized among the Indians was a great rock, some seven or eight feet in height, which lay on the beach now covered by the Half Moon yards, and which carelessly was covered when the railroad company made the fill there. Its surface bore the figure of a man, not clear in places, to be sure, but distinct enough for the Indians to declare that it was the work of the “Changer”-the mystical almighty who sometime in the far past, had worked among the inanimate, as well as the animate, things, wonderful miracles. Men had been turned into birds and trees and stones. A human being had been converted into Mount Tacoma. The stone on the beach had been a man.”

The stone man is still there somewhere.

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