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Published on November 14th, 2012 | by Timothy Thomas McNeely


Third Time Pays for All

It’s not often we have the chance to engage in and support something on the ground floor while it’s fresh, new and exciting. So many institutions are only noticed and enjoyed after they’ve suffered in obscurity. And sometimes we discover something at just the wrong moment, when it’s new to us but already ending. However, all signs indicate that this is “a thing” now, Tacoma: every few months, you can reliably expect the Broadway Center for Performing Arts to present you with a new CATHEDRALS concert. Friday, November 16 is the third of this series.

cathedralstacomaposterExcitement at CATHEDRALS’ novelty has not yet dissipated and so it can be assumed that the show will sell out (ticket information is below).

Soon, due to this series and the excellent work of The Warehouse, there may be no reason for Tacoma concert-goers to journey to Seattle other than nostalgia.

While some of CATHEDRALS’ signature characteristics are established – acoustic sets (mostly), Immanuel Presbyterian Church as the setting – we have an opportunity at this “beginning” to influence the future of CATHEDRALS that will very likely not be available as the series matures. There will be no formal survey, but every show is a referendum.

Perhaps the key advantage of this influence for early-adopters is that we may ask for more.

For example, the Broadway Center’s Fall Free for All presented relatively strong female performance offerings, such as My Brightest Diamond and Laura Gibson. But thus far, CATHEDRALS has had one female-lead band (Pretty Broken Things), a relative newcomer to the Northwest music scene.

Or perhaps attending the show may lead you to wonder what other genres of music might benefit from the unique production, atmosphere, and sound made possible by the walls of a church.

Whatever your opinion, CATHEDRALS is just beginning and has the advantage of time to mature as a Tacoma musical institution.

On Friday find yourself at church, entertained by the gristly confessional poetry of Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives and our own Goldfinch. Not to be outdone, Pollens, third on the bill, is Seattle’s answer to Dirty Projectors with trance-inspired cross-rhythms and choral vocals to boot. They may be an initial response to the genre question above. And take advantage of the offer by the Broadway Center’s Aaron Stevens to get a free download of the new record by Goldfinch, “Faded Explanations: Vol. 1 – 3.”

We look forward to many more editions of this lively new series.

Read about previous CATHEDRALS installments here.

Tickets are $16. To purchase tickets call the Broadway Center Box Office at (253) 591-5894 or toll free at (800) 291-7593, visit in person at 901 Broadway in Tacoma’s Theater District, or online at

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