Post Defiance presents an online magazine to inspire, provoke, and reflect on Tacoma culture.

Written for Tacoma, about Tacoma and by Tacomans, Post Defiance shares distinct perspectives generated by talented local artists and writers. This publication is cooperative, focused on partnerships with artists, organizations, and businesses who love and produce the culture, craft, and community that distinguish Tacoma.

Letter to the Editor

We want to hear your feedback. If you have questions or would like to respond to one of our stories, please email editor@postdefiance.com.

Post Defiance Staff

Managing Editors Rachel Ervin, Katy Evans, Timothy Thomas McNeely, Patricia SullyDaniel Rahe

Creative Directors Shawn McAllister, Kali Raisl

One Response to About

  1. Author Image Tom Louderback says:

    Is there any way to halt the headline slideshow? As the photos are of different sizes, it constantly shifts the rest of the page up and down, which is especially disconcerting when I am trying to read the sub-heads and link to articles. Please spare my eyes.

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