About Post Defiance

Since 2011, Post Defiance has featured stories by and for the city and community of Tacoma.

Post Defiance is a Tacoma blog and online magazine with a mission to present content that inspires, provokes, and reflects on Tacoma culture.

This publication is a cooperative effort, focused on partnerships between individuals, organizations, and businesses in the community. We work together to produce, appreciate, and critique the culture, craft, and community that distinguish Tacoma.

You can contribute to Post Defiance, just check out our submission guidelines and contact us. 

Since we started in August 2011, Post Defiance has featured nearly 100 different writers, artists, and designers. Join us!

Letter to the Editor

We want to hear your feedback. If you have questions or would like to respond to one of our stories, please email editor@postdefiance.com.

Post Defiance Editorial and Creative Board

Co-Managing Editors Rachel Ervin, Katy EvansPatricia Sully, Whitney Rhodes

Co-Creative Directors Shawn McAllister, Kali Raisl

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