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You Will Be Going To Awesomeparty on Friday

There is a party this Friday at New Frontier. I think you should go to it. I will be going to it, and maybe we could meet each other. (New Frontier Lounge website here)

Let me explain why you should go to this party.

I’ve said many times that I fancy myself a bit of a writer (I mean, look at all these words I’m writing, which flow out of my erudite fingers as if channeled from some great mountain spirit), which is far from a rare claim these days. Half of the world is blogging or freelancing, hoping their next missive will be the one that turns them into an industry expert or viral megastar.

Basically, we are deluded, we who fill the internet with fathomless cascades of twaddle and self-aggrandizement; and to be deluded, you’ve got to have a great imagination.

I have a great imagination.

In fact, I imagine that when I write on Twitter, hundreds of people are smirking with amusement or leaning back in their chairs while scratching their chins. I imagine that “the establishment” finds me irritating. I imagine I have some talent for absurd observation and wounded comedy. I imagine other people find me hilarious.

When I write for Post Defiance, I find myself nursing some great hope that I’ll influence Tacoma to explore progressive ways of engaging cultural groundswells.

[Editorial Note: I realize I’m getting a little self-indulgent in this article that is supposedly intended to promote a party, but bear with me. We’ll get to that part, and we’ll get there together, goddammit.]

If I think of my writing as what it is – blog posts with a magazine-style layout – I lose the motivation to write them. I can’t be just a blogger! What’s the point, unless I’m stirring the embers of revolution?

See, delusion is fun. Right now, I’m wearing a beard, a cardigan and hipster glasses while I blog. You should hate me.

I hate myself. And in a way, hates me too. But that’s why I love and their party this Friday – the aptly-named “Awesomeparty.” Camp666 actually achieves what I imagine myself achieving (i.e.: it is funny and relevant). It skewers Tacoma’s growing “hipster” and “young professional” population with such precision and love, it’s hard to react without feeling simultaneously goaded and infatuated.

Camp666 makes fun of you because they love you. I like to think so, anyway. After all, they’re throwing an Awesomeparty for Tacoma, complete with a debut concert by Scooterhorsey – a band which exists only to openly parody another famous Tacoma entity.

Tacoma’s most eligible bachelor, Mr. Alex Henderson from Dirty Oscar’s Annex, will be there to woo and seduce you. A film called “And My Head Explodes, Part 2” will be premiered. And you’ll be able to purchase great merchandise that lets everyone know you’re in on the joke, boozing up like a true Tacoman all the while (see how I worked that tired stereotype in?)

It was funny, right?


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